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Hi, I’m Ruby Caldwell, the founder of and I’m excited to announce that is taking a significant step forward in its journey by acquiring the revered domain, This strategic move represents our commitment to expanding our reach and enhancing the experience we offer to our valued users., is a domain that represented a website dedicated to helping people live a simple and happy life. The website was founded by Lorilee Lippincott, who decided to pursue her passion for simplicity and minimalism. We believe that aligns well with our vision and values at By acquiring, we hope to expand our reach and offer more value to our readers.

About was a website that represented a company and a brand created by Lorilee Lippincott in 2010. She was motivated by her own experience of feeling overwhelmed by the clutter, chaos, and stress of modern life. She decided to simplify her life by getting rid of 90% of her belongings, moving into a one-bedroom apartment with her husband and two kids, and traveling the world in an RV. She documented her journey on her website, along with advice, tips, and resources on how to simplify various aspects of life, such as home, finances, work, travel, health, etc. 

About is more than just a website. It’s a lifestyle brand that celebrates the fusion of elegance and practicality in everyday living. I created this website to share my passion for creating glamorous spaces that make you feel happy and comfortable. Glamour is not just about appearance, but also about attitude and mindset. I want to help you live your best life with confidence and joy. is your ultimate destination for everything home-related. You can find reviews and ratings of the latest home products, tips and tricks on how to invest in the beauty and practicality of your home, professional secrets on caring for your home, and how to improve your space so that you make the most of every minute you spend there.

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