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What Color Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops

Looking to update your kitchen with black granite countertops? Check out this guide for tips on choosing the perfect cabinet color to complement your new look.

Are you looking for the perfect way to finish off your dream kitchen? We’ve got some helpful hints to help you create a stunning kitchen.

What Color Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops

Lots of color cabinets go with black granite countertops such as almost black, blue, green, taupe, white, purple and stained wood. Let’s dive in and take a look in more detail. 

Dark, Almost Black Hues

Our personal favorite is a natural choice such as dark hues, almost black, would create an eye-catching contrast against the white walls and provide an edgy feel to the space.

For the cabinets, you could use deep blue-black shades for the lower units and lighter shades for the upper ones.

The monochromatic palette would make the perfect pair as they complement each other. 

A combination of dark cabinetry and black granite made for an inviting yet dramatic kitchen that felt modern yet timeless all at once. You’ll be the envy of your friends. 


We often associate blue with feelings of peace and serenity, which can help make the kitchen feel like a calming oasis. Here are some ideas for incorporating blue cabinets into your kitchen:

  • Choose navy or deep cobalt blues for a more classic look.
  • Go bold with bright aqua or turquoise blues for an eye-catching statement.
  • Pair lighter shades of blue with white walls and accents for a bright, airy feel.
  • Mix and match different shades of blue to create an eclectic look.

No matter the shade, blue cabinets with black granite countertops will create an inviting atmosphere sure to draw people in.

Add the right design elements and you’ll have a beautiful space you can be proud to show off.

Stained Wood

Stained wood cabinets are a timeless choice for black granite countertops, offering an elegant look that will stand the test of time.

Like a beautiful painting, the warm undertones of stained wood can add a splash of color and texture to the kitchen that you’ll love.

From light honey tones to deep mahogany stains, you’re sure to find something that fits your style.

When it comes to maintenance, stained wood is relatively low-maintenance as long as you maintain it with proper care.

This includes wiping down surfaces with a damp cloth and avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on the surface.

A bit of oil or wax every few months can also help preserve the finish and keep it looking new for years to come.


The classic combination of green and black granite can look both modern and traditional, depending on the shade of green and accent pieces you choose.

Green is guaranteed to wow any guests you’re entertaining! 

For a modern look, opt for light green shades such as sage or mint. You can pair these with white walls to create a bright and airy kitchen, or with darker walls for a cozy atmosphere.

To complete the look, accessorize with stainless steel appliances and sleek silver handles and knobs.

For a more traditional tone, deeper shades like olive or hunter-green will do the trick. Contrast these cabinets against off-white walls to bring out their depth.

The addition of brass hardware will give the room an elegant feel that still stands out from other kitchens in its class.

What Color Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops (1)


Taupe is a gorgeous color to pair with black granite countertops. It’s an earthy tone that can provide the perfect balance of warmth and coolness in a kitchen.

Here are some advantages of choosing taupe cabinets:

  1. Rich Color: Taupe has rich, warm tones that look beautiful with black granite countertops. The combination is timeless and elegant, making it perfect for any style of home.
  2. Durable Finish: Taupe cabinets are highly durable and easy to clean, making them ideal for busy households. And since they’re made from high-quality materials, they’ll stand the test of time.
  3. Versatility: Thanks to its neutral nature, taupe cabinets will work in any kitchen or bathroom design. Whether you’re going for modern or traditional, these cabinets will add a touch of sophistication to your space.

The possibilities are endless when you choose taupe cabinets with black granite countertops.


White cabinets with black granite countertops can create a classic yet timeless look.

The combination of these two elements created a modern, sophisticated look that can make your kitchen appear brand new.

The contrast between white cabinetry and black granite is striking and can really make the space feel brighter and more inviting. 

The neutral hue of the cabinets gives you the chance to add other colors to your decor. For a glamorous touch, try gold or silver accents. Or for a soft and romantic feel, go for pastel tones.

White also works well with many types of hardware finishes, so you can easily customize your look.

Purple Craze

Purple is a great color to add to black granite and you can achieve a great look in a variety of ways, ranging from small accents to full-fledged cabinets.

Here are three great ideas for achieving a gorgeous purple kitchen:

  1. Use purple cabinets as the main feature. Purple cabinets pop against black granite countertops, creating a modern look. You can also choose shades of deep or light plum to make your kitchen feel more lively and vibrant.
  2. Embrace an ombre effect with multiple shades of purple. Start with darker hues near the countertops, then gradually move up to lighter shades on the upper cabinets. This creates a stunning visual effect that will add depth and dimension to any kitchen space.
  3. Add pops of color with wall art or accessories in shades of violet or lavender. Add some artwork that will add interest while still contributing to the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Whichever colors you choose, you’ll be sure to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home!


When it comes to choosing cabinets for black granite countertops, there are endless possibilities! You just need to decide which one speaks to you and reflects your vision for your home.

Hopefully this guide helped point you in the right direction towards creating your perfect kitchen.

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