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My name is Ruby Caldwell and I’m all about glamorous places. Of course, as a busy mother of three and corporate world professional, there isn’t always a lot of time for glamour. That’s why I do everything I can to make my home look and feel as glamorous as possible. After all, it’s where I end up spending most of my time these days!

Why do I want my home to be glamorous?

Over the last decade, the word “glamorous” has changed a lot for me. Sure, I love luxury, but what I love even more is that feeling that I’m being taken care of – pampered in an everyday kind of way. I’ve learned that often the most “glamorous” things are the small details in our homes, like a great air filter or an amazing soap. Not only do these little things matter, but they can completely change how we feel.

I decided to start GlamorousPlace.com because I wanted to share these finds with other women (and men) around the world, especially those who are just as busy as me. While I used to have the time to scour the internet for the best products, reading reviews and joining in forums, today I seem to barely have enough time to just get the basics done! And I know I’m not alone.

GlamorousPlace.com is the solution for busy women (and men) everywhere, ones who want to transform their homes into places that are the best kind of glamorous – practical, functional, and easy to enjoy.

This is the only place you need to go to discover the latest secrets in home care.

About the Content

My team and I have invested a lot of time putting GlamorousPlace.com together because we know how important it is to love your home. Every article published is read and re-read so that we can be confident that you have a great experience each time you visit our site. We never (ever!) publish advice, content, or product recommendations that we don’t 100% believe in myself. And because we work with many experts in the home industry for their professional advice and tips, we know that you really are getting the best of the best – no fluff, no fibs.

GlamorousPlace.com is designed to be the only place you need to stop when you’re looking for at-home advice. Once you take some time to look around, you’ll see what we mean!

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