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Black Grout Black Tile – A Match Made In Heaven? [A Guide]

When you are considering how to decorate your bathroom or kitchen, one of the things you’ll be thinking about is color and contrast.

The grout between your tiles will be a crucial issue, as there are many options for you to choose from.

Black Grout Black Tile

Well, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to go with this color scheme. It is uniform and will help to hide certain stains although it will show up others such as watermarks.

A black-on-black style for your bathroom is unique. It will get people talking! You can also opt for a black-on-black tile and grout combination.

This will match a black-on-white grout and wall tile combination. It is also great for vintage-style bathrooms and kitchens.

Why Choose Black Grouting?

Black grouting never goes out of fashion. Whether you pair it with white or black tile, it will add that element of class to your bathroom or living room setup.

If you want the final look of your bathroom to be classy and sophisticated, then black grouting and white tile are the way to go. This is great for a vintage Victorian or even a modern farmhouse look.

One of the pitfalls of using black grout is that it does fade over time. Even if you seal your black grouting, it will start to wear down over time and show up the white underneath.

This is especially true if you are going to be using your grouting in your shower where it’s exposed to a lot of water.

Grout is very porous and it will absorb most moisture in the air, even when you seal it. However, black grout is still a great choice for use in your kitchen where there is far less moisture in the air.

Why Choose Black Tile?

There are many reasons why you should get black tile in your kitchen or bathroom. This is a way of making a statement.

Black is a very grounding color and will anchor your whole bathroom together.

This is also very surprising, as black is not a common color for tiled flooring and walls.

This is also a very reflective surface, so you can be sure that it brightens any room that has lights but no windows.

If you use this type of tile, then it can be a very effective method of creating a lot of space. You can also use black tiles as a contrast to lighter-colored tiles, which will really make them stand out.

Black tile is also classy and sophisticated, like black grouting. So, adding one to the other will only serve to heighten this effect. This is a bold and no-nonsense style of decoration.

It might even provoke a hostile reaction from friends and family.

Should You Put Black Grouting With Black Tile?

Black grouting is one of those bold and timeless options. It provides an element of class and subtlety that a lot of people prefer for their bathroom setup.

But what about black grouting between black tiles? Is this a wise choice?

There are a few schools of thought on this. Some people claim that black-on-black is too much. Others like the uniformity and neatness this style provides.

If you choose to go with a contrasting type of grout with your tile, then the chances of any imperfections being shown are much greater.

However, if you go for a plain color for the grout and the tile, then imperfections will be hard to spot.

Black Grout Black Tile (1)

What Are The Drawbacks Of Black Grout With Black Tile?

As we have mentioned in the paragraph above, black grout does tend to wear away, exposing the white underneath.

This will become even more prominent against your black tiles, so you might have to reseal or replace your grouting more regularly.

Some people also find black too harsh a color, being more suitable as a border color or part of a white and black color scheme.

It is also a common misconception that black tiles will cover up any stains. Watermarks are very clearly visible on black tiles, especially after you have left them to dry.

If you like to keep your bathroom neat, then you might find yourself having to clean the floor frequently.

Black tiles will also make it much more difficult to spot grime, making your floor seem much cleaner than it is.

What Other Color Combinations Are There For Tiles And Grout?

If you are looking to contrast your black tiles, then there are plenty of grout colors that you can choose from. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Black tile/Charcoal grout – this grout is a few shades lighter than your tiles, so it will provide enough of a contrast, but only if you look hard.
  • Black tile/white grout – this is great if you have larger black tiles, the border offering a bit of light and shine to your dark tiles. However, white will show up mold and dirt, so you’ll have to make sure that you seal and clean it regularly.
  • Black tile/gray grouting – this gives much the same effect as the charcoal, although it is a shade or two lighter.

What Should You Clean Black Grout With?

You’ll need to make sure that you clean your black grout with a non-chemical cleaner, as this will cause the grout itself to fade.

Use a cleaner that has a neutral pH and does not contain harsh chemicals.

When you are cleaning your tiles, do it gently with a soft-bristled brush like a toothbrush.


Our guide to black tile and black grout will either have given you the courage to try it or scared you off the idea for good.

Either way, we hope that you understand better how it will look and whether it is suitable for your bathroom or kitchen.

This can really be a game-changer for your bathroom, and we would recommend that you take a look at some pictures before you try it.

You can also go for less severe color combinations such as black and white.

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