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How Many Man Hours To Build A House With Contractors Or DIY?

Taking on the challenge of building a house from the ground up? Training to be a contractor?

Or if you are just curious about building then you may be wondering just how many man-hours it takes to build a house.

How Many Man Hours To Build A House?

The average time to build a house is seven months in the US. But, depending on various factors this time lime could change. It could take well over a year for a home to finish.

In this article, we discuss the number of man hours that are necessary to build a house and what could cause that to change.

We also discuss the pros and cons of building a home to see if it is right for you!  

On average, homes take around 7 months to build which equates to around 5114 hours of manual labor.

Yet, this can change with permit delays, damaged materials, or even the type of home you are building. Custom-built homes take much longer to build than Prefab homes. 

After The Permit 

It can take a few weeks to acquire the correct permit(s) and by then many believe it is only a few months before their house is complete.

Yet, there are many elements that have to align before you can even begin digging. 

The soil must undergo testing and the property lines marked, is there water underneath the land?

All of these components need approval and given the go-ahead before you can begin to build your house. 

Once provided with the correct permit(s) and the land is clear, you are looking at around another 6 months of building.

Assuming that there are no delays on materials and that everything goes smoothly with the building. Which is almost never. 

You can estimate this to be around 4,400 working hours to build your house. 

After Framing 

The framing section of the building process is where everyone relaxes, yet, there is still much to do and plenty that can cause delays.

For example, a storm or heavy snow can ruin the framework and prevent workers from coming to work. 

Framing normally takes around 5-8 weeks depending on the type of home you are building, the location, and the size of the home.

Framing for a condo will take much less time for a 3-story home. 

Once the framing is complete, you should be within month 5 of the building process. This takes you around 3,653 hours of labor put into building the home.

Now you have to rely on other people such as plumbers, electricians, etc to come in on time. This can delay projects.

Or it can take place within the same week depending on their availability.

Once tradesmen give their approval you can move onto the next step which is installing drywall and insulation. 

But, before insulation begins you will want to make sure everything is up to code with a Home Inspection.

If there is something wrong with the framing, you are going to have to start from the beginning.

This can add weeks to your timeline.

How Many Man Hours To Build A House

How Long To Build Owner-Built Homes 

Those with the money, time, and skills to build their own home may decide to take on the project by themselves.

This often takes longer as they are doing everything themselves. On average it can take around 12 months ( 8,766 hours) to build a house on your own. 

Many retired contractors and DIY enthusiats take on the challenge of building a house. It is important to remember it is a long process, especially, without the help of a professional team.

Many opt to outsource certain jobs such as concrete laying and frame building to ensure there are no mistakes.

Outsourcing certain jobs can also speed up the process as professionals are often quick and efficient at their jobs. 

How Long To Build Prefab Homes 

Prefabricated houses (Prefab Homes) are essentially houses that are flat-packed like an IKEA wardrobe.

They make house building incredibly fast and can take around 6 months to build ( 4, 383 hours). 

With structural pieces already built and only have to slot into place, prefab homes are a contractor’s dream.

However, these homes still have to go through all of the legislation that an owner-built home would go through which can slow down the building process. 

Not to mention if damage happens to one section, it can take longer to source new materials and have it built for assembly. This can add months to the building time which is not ideal. 

How Long To Build A Customer Build Home 

Custom-built houses are the longest type of house to build. They also have no average on how long they will take to build.

However, given that there are no delays due to materials, labor, or weather conditions, most custom-built homes take around 3-4 months (2,191- 2,922 hours) to build.

This is so that the project can get approved and parts come in a timely manner. This is due to the floor plans being pre-designed and pre-approved.

A lot of the major choices are already made in the design, though the homeowner may customize certain parts of the house.

However, if the design plans are completely customized then construction can take place for over a year (8,766 hours).

This is depending on the size, location, and expected end result.  

Add on any pre-construction needs like permits and you can be looking at well over a year before your home is to your liking. 

Final Thoughts 

On average, the construction of a home can take around 7 months or 5,114 hours to complete.

This can change depending on the type of house, the size of the house, the location, and even the weather. 

Many prefab homes take around 6 months to complete with custom-built houses taking anywhere from 3 months to over a year to fully complete. 

Building a home is no easy task and requires the guidance of a professional.

Yet, it can also be an extremely rewarding DIY project if you have the time, money, and skill. 

Will you be building your own home next?

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