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House Wrap Over Studs – How To Do This Safely And Quickly

Keeping a home protected against the elements can often require quite a bit of work. As such, many people often depend on House wrap to help them to protect their homes.

House Wrap Over Studs

House wrap is a specialized material designed to be weather-resistant. It keeps rain and other moisture from entering in through the exterior walls of a building. 

However, as well as this, Housewrap is also designed to help water vapor from inside a building escape. This helps to keep mold from developing in the walls, which helps them to last much longer! 

House wrap is renowned for being incredibly easy to apply, hence you’ve likely already picked some up. However you’re likely wondering whether you can apply your House wrap directly over the studs of your home.

Generally, House wrap can and should be applied to stud walls within a home. It can be applied to both sides regardless of what the stud wall is made up of.

Just make sure that you install it properly to keep your home safe.

Can You Use House Wrap Over Studs?

Yes. It is possible to install House wrap over the top of studs on a home’s outer surface. We thought it would be impossible too, until we made the jump and did it ourselves!

We ran into some difficulties during the way, but that’s why we’re writing this article to help others.

Ordinarily, House wrap is usually installed towards the outer surface of the house, directly beneath the exterior wall. This helps stop water from getting in. 

Many people automatically assume that brick walls are entirely waterproof, but they can actually let in quite a lot of moisture. This is where House wrap comes into play! 

In some cases, however, House wrap may be installed after the studs of the home. This is in order to protect things like Oriented Strand Board. This is a strong resin for reinforcing walls against the elements! 

If you want to install House wrap over studs you will want to make sure to do it just right so that the House wrap can protect your home efficiently! Let’s find out how to do it.

How Do You Install House Wrap Over Studs?

First, you will want to make sure that your wall studs are fully and efficiently installed in place. 

In order to install the House wrap onto your wall studs, you should try to have another person at hand to assist you. Have them hold one end of the wall wrap in position on one end of the wall studs as you unroll the House wrap over. 

Every 6 to 18 inches along the House wrap, fasten it down to the wall stud.

What Fastener Should You Use To Attach House Wrap To Studs?

This will depend entirely on the material that your wall stud is made up of. 

If your wall stud is made up of wood, you can simply use some large nails to hammer the House wrap into position on the wall studs. If you want, you can also use a stapler, provided that the staples themselves have at least 1-inch crowns.

If you are installing your House wrap over the top of masonry and other more solid materials, then you will want to attach House wrap more carefully. 

You will want to start by applying some strong adhesive to the surface of your wall studs before you set about unrolling the House wrap. 

Carefully pat down the House wrap as you reach each part of the studs. Once you have unrolled the House wrap, take some cladding fasteners to attach it into position. Cladding fasteners can easily be purchased from your local hardware store for an affordable price.

You can generally follow these steps regardless of which side of the stud wall you plan to install the House Wrap on! 

Is It Worth Installing House Wrap In The Home? 

House Wrap Over Studs

Absolutely. House wrap is definitely worth installing in the home because it helps to protect all parts of the home from being exposed to the elements. 

Installing House wrap or any other insulation material is worthwhile. It helps to prevent mold from developing within the walls of the home. This also helps to prevent dangerous things like rot from eating away at the surface of your walls. 

Sometimes people may forgo installing House wrap entirely. They may assume that the outer surface of the home may be enough to stop water from seeping through. 

Even tougher materials like brick can allow small amounts of moisture into a building. As such it is important to have House wrap or other insulation installed to keep water from getting any further! 

To Wrap Up 

As you can see, installing House wrap over the stud walls of the home is incredibly important because it helps to protect it from the elements. Don’t simply assume that because you live in an area with little rain, you won’t have to install House wrap. It should generally be applied to all buildings! 

House wrap can be directly fixed to either side of your stud wall, depending on your specific needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Vinyl Siding Over Studs?

You should avoid ever applying vinyl siding directly to your stud walls without first applying a layer of sheathing. 

Should You Seal The Bottom Of House Wrap?

You should try your best to seal the bottom of your House wrap after you have applied it, no matter what. 

The reason for this is that it helps to prevent air leaks. This helps to keep your home fully protected against strong winds. Air leaks can keep your House wrap from fully performing its function.

Does House Wrap Go Over The Roof?

House wrap is not supposed to be applied directly over the top of a roof. It can be applied as an extra layer of defense beneath a roof to keep rain from leaking into a home. 

When applying House wrap to a roof, you simply apply it underneath things like your shingles.

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