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Dog Chewed Wall In Apartment – Help, How To Fix A Hole

We all love our pets, but when they make a mess of the walls in your apartment, there’s nothing more infuriating. 

It can be easy to freak out when you discover that your dog has chewed some of your walls. But, it’s a part of their behavior as they grow up. 

Dog Chewed Wall In Apartment

As for your walls, they can be fixed.

If you need to find a way to fix your apartment walls as soon as possible, then we’ve put together this guide to help you get those walls looking brand new again too. 

Since chewing is a localized issue, you shouldn’t have too many problems with fixing this yourself. 

In this guide we’ll provide you with a list of all the things you’ll need to fix your dog chewed wall, as well as how to do it. 

Chewing is usually a result of your dog being bored, anxious, or young.

Fixing your chewed walls is a case of filling the wall with putty, sanding the area, priming, and then painting it over. So it’s not a super difficult fix! 

Things You’ll Need

While fixing your chewed wall isn’t particularly difficult, you will need to get the right equipment to ensure that you can get it looking brand new again. 

For this job, you will need: 

  • Sanding Sponges
  • DryWall Patch Repair Kit
  • Adhesion Primer
  • Putty knife
  • Sandpaper
  • All-purpose putty
  • Heavy-duty wall repair spackling and primer
  • Sanding disks
  • Orbital sander

It might seem like quite an extensive list of materials, but with all the above, you’ll never know that dog had chewed your walls at all. 

How To Fix Your Chewed Walls

So, with all our materials ready, let’s begin to repair the wall. 

Step 1 – Repairing The Damage

To begin, you’ll need to use your sandpaper to go over the top of the drywall that has been damaged. 

This will help to remove any loose debris or high spots caused by the chewing. You want to make the wall as smooth as you can.

Once this is done, take your all-purpose putty and prepare it as stated on the instructions found on the packaging. 

You can then immediately begin to use it to fill in the small holes in the wall. 

Or, you can use the wall repair spackling and primer, it just depends on what you prefer. 

Use your putty knife to spread the putty in and around the holes, ensuring that there are as few imperfections as possible. 

Check the product’s instructions to see how long it requires to dry fully, and return once dried. 

Step 2 – Sanding 

With your holes now repaired, and the putty product dried, you can return to the scene of the crime to begin the sanding process. 

You’re aiming to sand the damaged patch to try and cut the damage as much as you possibly can.

If you did a good enough job with the putty or spackling, then the damage will be virtually undetectable once you’re finished. 

Dog Chewed Wall In Apartment

You need to be careful not to sand too much, and if you did a good job repairing the hole to begin with, then the sanding process should be easy enough. 

You’ll know when you’re done when you can no longer see or feel any valleys or bumps in the wall. 

Step 3 – Prime And Paint

With the wall sanded to perfection, you’ll now be able to prime and paint the wall, which should bring it back to how it looked before your dog turned it into a chew toy! 

No matter what primer you decide to use for your walls, just be sure that you cover your flooring, just in case of any spillages. 

Brush on your primer and try to blend it in with as much of the surrounding area as possible, which will make hiding any evidence of the patch repair easier. 

With the primer done, you can then paint your wall again. It’s always a good idea to keep some of the wall paint used spare just in case of situations like this. 

Once you’ve allowed the paint to dry, you should now have your wall looking brand new once again! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What If There Are Only A Few Scratches?

If your dog has only managed to scratch your wall slightly, while it’s still frustrating, it’s a much easier job to repair it. 

Rather than having to fill it with putty, simply use some spackling to repair the damage, sand, prime, and then paint. 

This should be enough to get rid of the damage, and is much easier than having to fix entire holes in the wall. 

Why Did My Dog Chew The Wall?

There are a number of reasons why dogs might have chewed the wall in your house, so let’s take a look at some of them. 

The first reason is boredom, if you’re not giving your dog enough attention, then they might just act up as a way of gaining attention, even if it’s negative attention. 

Another reason why a dog might chew the walls is anxiety. Whether they’re home alone, or can just hear frightening noises, like fireworks, they might resort to chewing the nearest thing they can find for some comfort. 

Finally, if your dog is a puppy, then chewing the walls is a way for them to relieve the pain of their growing teeth, so try to provide them with plenty of chew toys to help save your walls in the future. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope that this guide is able to help you fix your walls, and to prevent your dog from chewing them in the future! 

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