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Can You Paint Vinyl Flooring? [Answer & How-To Guide]

You can give the walls of your home a lick of paint whenever you feel like shaking your interior design up a bit. But can you paint vinyl flooring to completely reinvent your living space? Yep!

Can You Paint Vinyl Flooring [Answer & How-To Guide]

Technically, it is possible to paint your vinyl flooring, but it’s not always considered a smart move. If you’re determined to give it a try, there’s a lot to consider before you break out the rollers!

While certain paints are more suited to vinyl than others, generally speaking, you’re might be better off replacing your vinyl flooring altogether.

Vinyl isn’t designed to form a strong bond with paint. What’s more, painting over vinyl won’t mask any damage your floor has incurred over time.

The Drawbacks Of Painting Vinyl Flooring

If you’re anything like me, you love finding creative and affordable solutions to expensive issues.

One such issue might be vinyl floor you’ve grown so tired of you simply can’t bear to see let alone walk on.

However, sometimes the best possible solution is the tried and tested (and more expensive) one — Boo!

Why is that the case in this scenario? Well, I’ll tell you…

Painting Your Vinyl Flooring Is Not A Long-Term Solution

A painted vinyl floor is by no means a long-term DIY interior decor solution. As mentioned earlier, vinyl isn’t optimized for bonding with paint particles, meaning the paint will wear away quickly.

In fact, you’ll notice the paint throughout high-traffic areas beginning to fade almost immediately. So, unless you’re fine with refinishing your floor regularly, painting it may not be the right move for you.

Paint Won’t Mask Damage To The Vinyl

If the reason you’re thinking about painting your vinyl floors is that they’re looking a little worse for wear these days, paint isn’t the answer.

Painting over damaged vinyl is like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound — It will coat it, but it will not hide or resolve the issue.

Thankfully, there are ways you can fix tears in vinyl flooring if you act fast, but the paint itself is not quite as rejuvenating as you might imagine.

There Are Limited Styles And Finishes Available To You

As vinyl and paint don’t really play nice, you have to choose very specific paint formulations in order to boost adhesion and longevity. The downside? Niche paints mean fewer color choices and, by extension, fewer design options.

For instance, if you were aiming for a wood or stone effect finish, the necessary paints may not be available.

Vinyl Flooring Needs To Be At Least A Year Old Before You Can Paint It

As you apply pressure to vinyl flooring over time, it wears in similarly to the way new shoes do. It’s important that your flooring has settled before you lay down any paint.

A shifting surface will only speed up the deterioration of the finish.

What Are The Benefits Of Painting Vinyl Flooring?

There are far fewer benefits to painting vinyl flooring than there are drawbacks. Actually… there are really only a couple of things to mention.

Instant Transformation Of Your Flooring

While fitting a new vinyl floor won’t take a million years, it’s certainly a longer job than painting over an existing floor.

Granted, you’ll need to allot your made-over floors some time to dry, but you can have the actual labor done in as little as 20 minutes to an hour.

I know that this is an enticing prospect if you’re sick to death of your current floors, but remember, the paint will wear away as quickly as it went down.

Still, if you do plan on replacing the flooring eventually, and you’re looking for something to zhuzh up the place for now, then paint away, my friend!

Painting Vinyl Flooring Doesn’t Cost The World

Paint is also a lot cheaper than new vinyl flooring, even before you factor in installation. So if you’re pulling the purse strings as of late, it may seem like your only option.

True, painting your vinyl floor will save you a few bucks now, but consider the constant maintenance as it fades.

Eventually, you’ll have spent a pretty penny on paint and racked up some serious labor hours.

What Kind Of Paint Is Best For Vinyl Flooring?

It’s crucial that you pick up a hardy paint for this job, otherwise, it won’t stand a chance.

Can You Paint Vinyl Flooring [Answer & How-To Guide] (1)

Paint designed specifically for use on floors is a good choice — Most formulas will have a textured finish to enhance grip.

Rubber paint is another fantastic choice, as it can roll with the punches, flexing with the vinyl beneath without breaking down. This ensures a longer-lasting finish.

How To Paint Vinyl Flooring

Still ready to take the plunge despite my warnings? That’s totally fine; you’re well within your rights to do whatever you want with your home decor, but if you’re going to do this, it’s important that you do it the right way.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Suitable paint — You’ll have your own preferences here

Painting Vinyl Flooring: A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Vacuum the area you plan on painting, then use your all-purpose cleaner and sponge to give the floor a deep clean.

Step 2: Inspect the vinyl flooring for any cracks or holes. Should you find any, use your vinyl cement glue or wood filler to fill them in before smoothing with your putty knife and finishing with sandpaper.

Step 3: Wipe away any dust with a microfiber cloth, then don your rubber gloves and safety goggles.

Step 4: Ventilate the area, apply deglosser to a cloth, then wipe down your vinyl floor to remove the slippery surface. Once complete, leave your flooring to dry.

Step 5: Tape over any non-vinyl areas that run along the side of your vinyl floor, such as skirting boards.

Step 6: Using your small paint brush, apply a few inches of primer to the vinyl next to any taped areas.

Step 7: Now with your roller, apply primer to the larger central sections of vinyl.

Step 8: Once your first layer has dried, apply another thin primer layer.

Step 9: Repeat steps 6, 7, and 8 using your paint rather than primer.

Step 10: When your final coat has dried, remove the painter’s tape.

Final Thoughts

Painting vinyl flooring is rarely the best mode of action, but there are instances when it might serve as an adequate solution to your home decor woes.

If you do fancy giving it a shot, be sure to follow the guide above and pick a hardy paint. Standard latex enamel paints simply aren’t tough enough for the job.

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