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Bug Bomb Garage While Home Safely – All You Need To Know

If you’re battling with an army of bugs in your garage you may be tempted to go out and buy a bug bomb to deal with the problem. But is it ok to bug bomb your garage while home, or should you leave while the deed is done?

Bug Bomb Garage While Home

The advice of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is that you should not remain in the house while bug bombing any part of it. That will normally include the garage. You should leave the property for between 2–4 hours after releasing the bug bomb.

Is It Ok To Bug Bomb The Garage While Home?

A bug bomb is also known as a total release fogger and can be used in a garage just as in any other room of your home. You may wonder if it’s ok to use this type of pesticide in the garage while you are still at home. 

Detached Garage

If the garage is detached from the rest of the property then as long as everything is sealed and closed there should be no issue with you staying at home while the bug bomb works. 

Just make sure that anyone who would use the garage is aware of what you are doing. A visible sign on the door is always a good idea. 

Attached Garage

With a garage that is attached to your home, staying home while you bug bomb is not a good idea. The fumes from the bug bomb could seep from the garage into other parts of the house particularly if you haven’t sealed up all vents and doors. 

In this instance it is advisable to leave the house for a few hours after you have deployed the bug bomb. When you return you can safely air out and ventilate the garage. 

Safety Precautions When Using Bug Bomb

As well as making sure you leave your home when using a bug bomb in your garage there are some other safety precautions you should take

Read The Label

Make sure to carefully read the label before using the bug bomb. It will give you the instructions and safety advice on use and how to effectively deploy the fogger. 

Remove Children’s Toys

If you have children’s toys in the garage such as bikes, skateboards or baseball mitts then this should be removed before deploying the bug bomb. The chemicals can adhere to the toys and may be harmful to your children. 

Obviously make sure no pets can get into the garage while you are fogging and close any access points. Our dogs love relaxing in the garage, but it was vital to keep them away from the fog until it had completely cleared.

Close All Doors

Remember to close all doors and windows even if your garage is detached. The pesticide needs to remain in the garage space to effectively kill the bugs you’re trying to get rid of. 

This is particularly important if the garage is attached to your home as it stops the chemicals spreading around the property. 

Only Use Recommended Amount Of Bug Bomb

Bug Bomb Garage While Home (1)

Read the instructions on the bug bomb before releasing it in your garage. You should never use more than the recommended amount of bug bombs as this can cause a build up of harmful vapors or fumes. This could make you and your family sick. 

Use Appropriate Size 

Always use the most appropriate size bug bomb for your garage. If the space is quite small don’t be tempted to use a larger bug bomb to double dose the area. You should also never use a bug bomb in a small closet as it can explode

Shut Off All Ignition Sources

You should make sure that you have switched off all possible ignition sources in the garage. This includes gas and electrical appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators. 

Alert Other Garage Users

If you’re bug bombing the garage while other members of your family or household are away you’ll need to warn them not to enter the garage.

Text or call them but also make sure to be a visible sign on any entrance to the garage

Ventilate After Use

When you come back to your property after bug bombing you’ll need to open all the windows and doors in the garage. This allows any residual chemicals to be ventilated and aired out. 

Once the area is ventilated you should wipe down any surfaces to remove chemical residue from the bug bomb. 

How Many Bug Bombs For A Garage?

Foggers or bug bombs come in various sizes, so it’s important that you know the size of your garage and purchase the right size product

Using one that is designed for a bigger space can result in a buildup of flammable vapors in your garage. This can pose a risk to your property and your family. 

A 6 ounce fogger will treat an area of 25 feet by 25 feet provided the space is unobstructed. 

Is Bug Spray A Better Choice?

A bug bomb shouldn’t be your first and only choice for eliminating bugs from your garage. There are so many places for bugs to hide in your garage that the chances of getting them all with a bug bomb is remote. 

If for example you are concerned about spiders in the garage then a bug bomb is not the right way to get rid of them. 

The best way to reduce the number of spiders in the garage is to keep the area clean and tidy, removing any debris or places they may like to make their home.

By taking away their shelters and breeding sites you’re more likely to effectively reduce the number of bugs. 

Direct contact pesticide such as bug spray can work with other insects. You can also spray around windows and doors to discourage insects from entering the garage. 

Final Thoughts

Using a bug bomb in your garage while you’re home is not a good idea, and you should just go out for a few hours after deploying it. This gives it time to work and keeps you and your family at a safe distance.

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