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Why Is Ashley Furniture Cheaper Online Than In-Store?

To make your house feel like a home, it needs furnishing. However, this can be an expensive task. Ashley Furniture is a popular furniture store in the United States.

Why Is Ashley Furniture Cheaper Online Than In-Store?

They provide a wide variety of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and more. The furniture that Ashley Furniture sells varies in style and is of decent quality.

Purchasing high-quality furniture can save you money in the long run. Yet, it can be difficult to justify it in the now. There are ways of getting the same item of furniture for a cheaper price with Ashley Furniture.

Purchasing Ashely Furniture online can save you a lot of money, but why is this? In this article, we are looking at why Ashely Furniture is cheaper online than in-store.

We will also look at whether there is any difference in the quality of the product. Ashley Furniture is cheaper to buy online than in-store.

This is due to the lack of overheads required for an e-commerce store. This allows the store to offer its products for a reduced price.

Why Is Ashley Furniture Cheaper Online Than In-Store?

It is common for people to think that you can get a better deal on furniture when you shop in-store. This often stems from the idea that you can haggle with the salespeople to get a better deal on your purchase.

However, this isn’t always the case, especially when it comes to Ashely Furniture. We love Ashley Furniture, but sometimes we want to see it in person instead of hoping for the best when buying online!

It is common to find much better deals on Ashley Furniture products when shopping online than in a store. There are a few different reasons for Ashley Furniture to be cheaper online than in-store. The main reason is expenses.

There are far fewer overheads associated with an online store than a physical store. Both a physical and online store need a warehouse and fulfillment staff.

Other than customer support staff, this is all that an online store has to pay for. However, there are extra costs associated with a physical store. A store requires a company to pay rent and utilities.

Employees also need hiring and paying to make sales to customers. Extra liability insurance is often required too. All these extra expenses soon add up to significant bills.

This means that there aren’t any savings to pass on to the customer in a physical store. Because online stores don’t have these expenses to cover, they can offer a lower price for the same product.

How Does Competition Factor Into The Price?

Why Is Ashley Furniture Cheaper Online Than In-Store? (1)

While the most obvious reason for prices to be cheaper online is the lack of overheads. However, there are other factors that affect the price. Another main factor that can affect the price of Ashley Furniture is competition.

There are hundreds of different online retailers that stock Ashley Furniture products. Because of this, there is fierce competition between different retailers. The more competition there is, the lower prices will go.

It is also common for online retailers to run special offers which can help lower prices even more. The competition between online retailers is more intense than for physical retailers.

There are hundreds of online retailers selling Ashley Furniture and offering delivery. All of those retailers are in direct competition for your custom. But, physical retailers only have to compete with other retailers within a certain radius.

This cuts down the number of retailers in competition with each other. This is because your custom is partially dependent on physical location as well as price.

Does Ashley Furniture Price Match?

Ashley Furniture does have a price match policy in place in both online and physical stores. If you find the same Ashley Furniture product at another retailer for a cheaper price, Ashley Furniture will match the price.

There are some specific criteria to meet to qualify for price matching. The item that you are looking to buy from Ashley Furniture needs to be identical to the lower price that you found.

This concerns the model number, color, and so on. The product also needs to be in stock at the other store and available for immediate pickup or delivery. If any of these conditions are not met, Ashley Furniture will not price match.

You also need to have found the cheaper item no more than 14 days after purchasing the same item from Ashley Furniture themselves.

It is also important to remember that many online stores have different pricing on weekends and public holidays. Make sure that you are comparing prices during the same period to be eligible for the price match.

If you find an item that meets all the criteria required for price matching, you need to bring proof of the price. A screenshot or a printout of the product can be proof.

What Else Can Affect The Price Of Ashley Furniture Online?

Price matching and competition aren’t the only things that can affect the price of Ashley Furniture online. One of the biggest things that can significantly affect the price of Ashley Furniture is sales.

These aren’t just sales that Ashley Furniture has, but also the sales of direct competitors. This can be a good trick for getting the best price on Ashley Furniture from your trusted retailers.

Keep an eye out for other online retailers that are having sales to help you get the furniture you want for the lowest price. You can also save money on Ashley Furniture if you are in the military.

Ashley Furniture prides itself on offering a military discount on all furniture. This applies to active duty, retired, and veteran members of the US Armed Forces.

All you need is a valid military ID. The discount does not apply to sale or clearance items.


In short, the price of Ashley Furniture is cheaper online than in stores. This is due to the lack of overheads that need to be covered with an e-commerce business.

You can also take advantage of seasonal and military discounts to get the best deal. Shopping around can help you to get Ashley Furniture for the best possible price.

Also, take advantage of the brilliant Ashley Furniture price match policy. Thanks for reading!

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