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What Type of Sherwin Williams Paint Is Best for Bathrooms

If you’re wondering what type of Sherwin Williams paint is best for your bathroom, wonder no more.

In this article, we will review the different types of paint that Sherwin Williams offers and which ones are best suited for your bathroom. We will also touch on the importance of choosing the right paint for your bathroom and some things to keep in mind when making your decision.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Type of Sherwin Williams Paint Is Best for Bathrooms

What Paint Is Best Suited for Your Bathroom?

In general, you should use either a latex or oil-based paint with a semi-gloss finish. In regards to color, dimmer lit rooms look best with a brighter color. Brighter rooms with more light can be versatile and well suited for both light and dark colors.

What Paint Types Does Sherwin Williams Offer

Sherwin Williams offers a variety of paint types for different rooms of your home. For bathrooms, there are two popular choices for paint bases. These choices include either latex or oil-based paints

Latex Paint

Latex paint is a water-based paint that uses synthetic latex as a binder. This type of paint is less likely to yellow over time. It is also less smelly and dries faster than oil-based paint.

Latex paint is typically less expensive than oil-based paint, and it is easier to clean up since it only requires soap and water. Latex also dries more quickly, which can be beneficial if you are in a hurry to repaint a room.

However, it is not as durable as oil-based paint and may not last as long in a high-traffic high-moisture environment. Overall, latex-based paint is a good choice for most painting projects.

Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint is a type of paint that uses oil as its main ingredient. It has many advantages over other types of paint. 

In general, oil-based paint is best suited for high-traffic areas or areas subject to wear and tear.

However, oil-based paint can also be more challenging to work with, and it often requires the use of more toxic chemicals for cleanup. It also takes longer to dry and has a strong odor.

For these reasons, carefully consider whether oil-based paint is the best option for your project.

Be Aware of Humidity Levels

When choosing paint for your bathroom, keep in mind the amount of humidity and moisture in the room.

If your bathroom gets a lot of steam or condensation, you may want to choose an oil-based paint. Choose latex paint if you have a smaller bathroom or one that doesn’t get too much humidity.

Humidity in Room

Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Bathroom

When picking paint colors for your bathroom, you’ll want to choose one that compliments the rest of the room.


Consider the overall style of your bathroom. If you want a space that feels tranquil and relaxing, then light and airy colors are a good choice. If you’re going for a more dramatic look, then deeper shades may be more your style.


When considering a paint color, lighting in bathrooms is important for several reasons.

  • The right lighting can make a small bathroom feel bigger and more open.
  • Good lighting can help to show off the paint colors you’ve chosen for your walls.
  • Proper lighting in a bathroom can provide a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.

Natural light is the best friend of any designer. However, don’t worry if you only have artificial lighting. Bathrooms can look just as stunning without natural light.

For instance, if you have a small bathroom with limited natural light, you’ll want to choose brighter paint colors to help make the space feel bigger and more open.

Keep in mind that light makes colors appear brighter. Be sure to choose a color that has an appropriate amount of light reflectiveness for your bathroom space.


Don’t forget about the fixtures in your bathroom. White or neutral-colored fixtures will allow you to experiment with a wider range of paint colors.

Popular Sherwin Williams Paint Colors for the Bathroom

If you’re like most people, the bathroom is one of the first places you go in the morning and the last place you visit before bed. It’s a space where we start and end our day, so it’s important to make sure it feels like a calm, serene oasis.

Sherwin Williams offers an array of beautiful colors that are perfect for creating a calming space.

Sherwin Williams Paint Store

Alabaster SW 7008

Alabaster is one of Sherwin-Williams’ most popular white paint colors.

Named for the beautiful white stone that has been used for centuries in sculptures and architecture, Alabaster is a versatile shade that works well in a variety of settings.

In a bathroom, Alabaster can create a serene and spa-like atmosphere. The light color reflects light well, making the space feel brighter and more open.

At the same time, the warm undertone of Alabaster prevents the space from feeling sterile or clinical.

Whether you are looking for a fresh coat of paint for your powder room or hoping to create a tranquil oasis in your master bath, Alabaster is an excellent choice. 

Sea Salt SW 6204

Sea Salt is one of those perfect bathroom colors because it has a little bit of everything. It’s a light and airy delicate blue, but still has enough color to make a statement.

It also coordinates well with both cool and warm tones, so you can mix and match with this one.

Plus, it’s just really calming and serene – perfect for a bathroom! If you’re looking for a versatile color that will work with just about anything, Sea Salt is the way to go.

Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Agreeable Gray is a light, neutral gray that can work well with many different styles and color schemes. Agreeable Gray is also a good choice for small bathrooms, as it can help to make the space feel more open and airy.

When pairing paint colors with Agreeable Gray, it’s important to consider the lighting in the room. In rooms with lots of natural light, Agreeable Gray can appear more blue-gray.

In rooms with less natural light, it may appear more gray-brown. With its versatile look, Agreeable Gray is a great choice for bathrooms of all sizes and styles. 

Accessible Beige SW 7036

Accessible Beige is a light beige shade, perfect for creating a calm and serene ambiance in your bathroom. This paint color also happens to be extremely versatile.

Whether you’re looking to update your walls, cabinets, or trim, Accessible Beige is a great option. And since it’s a neutral color, it will go with just about any style of decor.

So if you’re looking for a paint color that is both stylish and practical, be sure to give Accessible Beige a try. 

Evergreen Fog SW 9130

For a bathroom that is both modern and serene, Sherwin Williams’s Evergreen Fog is a perfect choice.

This light green shade with just a hint of blue is perfect for creating an airy and spa-like atmosphere. And because it’s a light color, it will help to reflect light and make your bathroom feel brighter and more spacious.

So if you’re looking for a fresh and stylish paint color for your bathroom, Evergreen Fog is a great option.

Other Popular Colors

  • Extra White SW 7006
  • Cascades SW 7623
  • Naval SW 6244
  • Napery SW 6386
  • Passive SW 7064
  • Kind Green SW 6457
  • Rain SW 6219

Whatever color you choose, make sure it reflects the atmosphere you want to create in your bathroom.

Doing this will allow you to turn your bathroom into a tranquil retreat that will help you start and end your day on a positive note.

If you’re not sure which color to choose, you can always consult with a Sherwin Williams representative or ask for a sample of the paint before making your purchase.

Choosing a paint finish

Choosing a paint finish is one of the last decisions you must make when choosing your bathroom paint. Three of the most common types of paint finishes are flat, satin, and semi-gloss.

Flat paint has a matte finish and is ideal for hiding imperfections on surfaces. Satin paint has a slightly glossy finish and is easy to clean. Semi-gloss paint has a shiny finish and is resistant to moisture.

Semi-gloss Finish

Based on Sherwin Williams’s suggestions, semi-gloss is most suitable for bathroom paint. Most people choose semi-gloss paint for their bathrooms because it is easy to clean and maintain.

In a bathroom, you want a paint finish that can withstand the high humidity and frequent cleaning. Semi-gloss paint is more durable than flat paint and can resist moisture, making it ideal for use in a bathroom.

Plus, any imperfections in the walls will be less noticeable with a semi-gloss finish.


Now that you know what type of Sherwin Williams paint is best for your bathroom, it’s time to start your project. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when choosing the best paint for your bathroom.

The best paint for your bathroom will depend on some factors: 

  • The amount of humidity and moisture in the room
  • How often the room is used
  • The style and lighting of the room

Be sure to follow the instructions on the can and take your time to ensure a beautiful finish. With some research, you will surely be ready to choose your paint and freshen up your bathroom.

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