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Toilet Making High-Pitched Noise: Fix This Problem Fast!

The last thing we want is to have any type of trouble with our toilets. As insignificant as a high-pitched toilet noise may seem, it needs immediate attention. We certainly want all of our plumbing components to work perfectly.

This article will review possible causes and solutions when your toilet makes a high-pitched noise.

Toilet making high-pitched noise could be caused by a faulty or dirty fill valve, old metal ballcocks, or issues with the water supply line. These common reasons are inexpensive and easy to fix. You’ll likely be able to tackle this project yourself without the need for a plumber.

Toilet Making High Pitched Noise

Why Ignoring This High-Pitched Noise is Not an Option

Hearing a high-pitched noise coming from your toilet is not only about the annoying sound. This noise points to a bigger problem that could be happening with your toilet. Therefore, it certainly cannot be ignored.

Although it is likely not a plumbing emergency, it does require your diligent action. Just like your car when it starts to make a weird noise, your toilet must be monitored. Strange noises are warnings that something is wrong and needs attention.

In most cases, a high-pitched noise coming from your toilet indicates a problem with the fill valve. The problem will not simply go away on its own, it will eventually get worse if ignored.

In the long-run, issues with the fill valve affect the water level. If left without repair, water can overflow into the toilet bowl. It becomes an expensive waste of water reflected on your utility bill each month. You’ll be flushing money down the toilet! (

In addition, the repairs will be much simpler if you tackle this problem immediately. Otherwise, it can become a complicated and expensive nightmare. You may be tempted to ignore the annoying sound for some time, but it is better to play it safe when it comes to plumbing issues.

So, let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons and solutions for a toilet making a high-pitched noise.

Identifying the Noise

Your toilet could be making a high-pitched noise for several reasons. Some investigative work is necessary to identify the problem. Most plumbing issues require that you explore all possible causes. You must rule them out one by one until you get to the root cause.

Follow these steps to properly diagnose your toilet:

Examine the Valve that Connects to Your Water Supply

Your water supply valve is most likely not responsible for the high-pitched noise. However, it is smart to check this component first. It is located outside the back of the toilet.

Sometimes the water supply valve can get accidentally knocked. This can cause it to close or partially adjust the water flow. Ask your family members if they have adjusted it for some reason. Also, children can sometimes play with these fixtures and close the valve.

Examine the Valve that Connects to Your Water Supply

Be sure the valve is open by turning it to the right. Remember the expression “righty tighty – lefty loosey.” This helps you remember that most fixtures tighten or open when turned to the right. They are loosened or closed when turned to the left.

The valve must be fully open, which means you’ll turn it to the right all the way. Do not force the knob! As soon as it stops turning you’ll know is completely open.

There’s no need to be forceful with this adjustment. The same applies when closing the valve and turning it to the left. Turning this fixture too hard can break it and it’s completely unnecessary

Opening the water supply valve all the way could stop the high-pitched noise. If you found the valve partially closed, fully open it and do a test flush to see if the noise disappears.

This is not the number one reason for the noise, but it’s the easiest to fix.

Inspect the Fill Valve and Clean It

A more common reason for a high-pitched noise is the fill valve. It is located inside the tank. The fill valve controls the water that flows into the tank after you flush the toilet.

Start by gently removing the lid from the tank. Be sure you do this in a controlled manner because porcelain can easily crack. Then, flush the toilet and listen for the noise. Can you locate where the noise is coming from?

You may hear a sound coming from the fill valve’s location. It is placed on the left side of the tank towards the back. If the noise is coming from this location, you’ll be able to easily detect it.

When the fill valve is responsible for the noise, it may be blocked. You’ll have to clean it to make sure there are no mineral deposits or debris. Hard water buildup such as calcium deposits can partially cause a blockage that leads to a high-pitched sound.

To clean your fill valve, turn off the water supply valve first. Then, empty the tank by flushing the toilet. If there is water left in the tank, absorb it with a sponge or towel. Be sure the tank is completely empty and free from water before you go on to the next step.

The next task is to take off the cap of the valve to see if there’s any debris or buildup. Remove anything that could be blocking the valve and scrub away mineral deposits. You can do this with a towel or scrapper.

To see if this takes care of the high-pitched noise, turn on the water supply valve and do a test flush. Hopefully, this resolves the high-pitched noise coming from your toilet!

Replace the Fill Valve if Cleaning It is Not Effective

If cleaning the fill valve doesn’t eliminate the high-pitched noise, then you’ll want to replace the entire part. For those that have DIY experience, this is a simple task. Otherwise, you’ll want to call a professional to do the replacement.

It is not a difficult repair, but you do need tools and basic knowledge to do it properly.

Replace the Fill Valve if Cleaning It is Not Effective

The great news is that replacing a fill valve is inexpensive. It is a straightforward job that can be done quickly. All you need is a bucket and pliers! You can pick up a new fill valve ( at the supply store for less than $15.

Check For Outdated Metal Ballcocks

If you have an old toilet, it likely has a metal ballcock valve. This old-style component will noisily vibrate because is made out of metal. This component is a hollow ball that attaches to a rod. Its function is to control the water that flows into the tank.

This older model toilet could be making a high-pitched noise due to a faulty gasket. Instead of replacing the gasket, you might as well replace the whole valve with a plastic one. Fixing the old metal valve instead could cause the same problem in the future.

There’s another reason why it’s a good idea to replace the old metal ballcock when it starts to get noisy. Modern designs are less prone to developing noises and have higher efficiency. While you’re at it, you can also check to see if your toilet flapper seal also needs an upgrade.

These are inexpensive components that are worth replacing for new models. With these new parts, your toilet tank is likely to function for many years without issues.

Enjoying a Quite Toilet

As you can see, a high-pitched noise coming from your toilet is easy to fix. It is an inexpensive and quick project that is worth tackling at once.

Most people will be able to do the repairs themselves without the need for a pro. But when in doubt, you can always call a professional plumber for help.

You will certainly have peace of mind knowing that any issues happening with your toilet won’t become a bigger problem. Plus, your ears will thank you!

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