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The Pressure’s On: Plumbing Loops For Multiple Shower Heads

Have you ever wanted to turn your bathroom into an all-inclusive spa space your whole family will love? One way to transform your shower space is to install multiple shower heads

There are tons of different sizes, shapes, and spray patterns for you to choose from when looking for multiple shower heads. You can mount them wherever you want, on any wall, or even on the ceiling.

The Pressure’s On Plumbing Loops For Multiple Shower Heads

You need to use a plumbing loop for multiple shower heads to get the best shower performance. 

For Those In A Hurry

This is for anyone who doesn’t have the time to read through our whole article. Below is a quick rundown of the things you need to know about plumbing loops for multiple shower heads. 

  • Plumbing loops are small rings that pressurize the water in multiple shower heads.
  • The loops ensure each shower head has the same temperature, water pressure, and flow.
  • Plumbing loops can save you precious time and money.

How Do Plumbing Loops Work?

Plumbing loops are also called pressure balancing loops or pressure loops

A plumbing loop is a small ring of piping. It’s designed with different fittings that keep water flowing at a constant rate from a shower diverter to each shower head. 

Do you have more than one shower head running off of one diverter port? If you do, you will need a plumbing loop to ensure that all your shower heads share equal pressure, temperature, and flow. 

The rectangular pressure loop requires some PVC pipe. Several connectors are also needed for proper installation. 

Plumbing loops ensure that each spray outlet flows at a constant rate and temperature (for help choosing the ideal outlet height for your bathroom, read here). It does so by splitting up water directly from the diverter. 

The water is then delivered to each shower head equally. With a plumbing loop for multiple shower heads, you get the best shower experience possible thanks to flow optimization. 

This technology is a much simpler version of methods used by engineers to create pressure loops for industrial HVAC processes.

Benefits of a Plumbing Loop For Multiple Shower Heads

It doesn’t matter what kind of shower heads you use in your multi-shower head setup. A plumbing loop will allow all your fixtures to deliver the high-quality performance you expect. 

A plumbing loop for multiple shower heads guarantees even spray volume, water pressure, and temperature. You’ll never have to worry about which shower head has the best pressure or flow. 

Let’s say you have more than three shower heads to install. You might consider using two separate pressure loops. This allows all the shower heads to run off the same diverter. 

Multiple Shower Heads

Most expert plumbers know the importance of a pressure-balancing loop. Installing multiple shower heads can be a long, grueling, complicated process. 

Forgoing a plumbing loop can be a costly mistake to forget. Once your bathroom wall is retiled, there is not much you can do to correct uneven pressure or flow. 

Using a plumbing loop for multiple shower heads is much less expensive than opening your wall back up to fix the problem. 

Better to be safe than sorry, as the adage goes!

Pros and Cons of Multiple Shower Heads

Bathroom renovations can be a game changer. But it’s always best to weigh your options before you commit to changing your bathroom landscape for good. 

Multiple shower heads give your bathroom a luxurious atmosphere. They also make you feel like there’s a spa in the comfort of your home. It is easier to clean yourself in a large walk-in shower. They can also be very convenient for couples who want to shower together. 

Multiple shower heads can benefit those with mobility issues. So, people with a limited range of motion who might have trouble bending or reaching in a typical shower setup will need multiple shower heads. A larger shower with multiple shower heads is easier to clean than a small, traditional shower. You can use the shower heads to clean each other. 

There are many upsides to adding multiple shower heads to your bathroom. But you must also consider these few downsides. 

Additional shower heads can be quite expensive. The cost can rise when you factor in installation costs and higher monthly utility bills. Your water, electric, and gas bills could all potentially increase, depending on your energy options. 

Pros and Cons of Multiple Shower Heads

Plumbing loops for multiple shower heads are also less environmentally friendly than traditional low-flow shower heads. 

Lastly, you have to consider how much room you have to spare since this type of shower remodel is usually impossible to install in a smaller bathroom. 

How Much Room Do You Need?

A typical shower is usually designed with a single person in mind. Think of your standard 3-foot wide shower stalls or the familiar stand-up tub and shower combo. 

To enjoy multiple shower heads, you’ll probably need to do some renovation and install a walk-in shower instead. It’s best to have at least 3 feet of spacing between each shower head so both people can shower comfortably. 

In the United States, the average walk-in shower is about 60 feet by 30 feet, though sizes vary. You can find walk-in showers up to 60 feet by 42 feet if they are more rectangular and 42 feet by 42 feet if they are square. 

You can use a single drain, but it’s best to use a 4-inch pipe to handle extra drainage rather than using the standard 2-inch piping required by most showers.

Wrapping Things Up

If you want to enjoy all the great things about multiple shower heads in your bathroom, your best bet is to use a plumbing loop for the best results. 

Plumbing loops split water equally as it flows through multiple shower heads so the water flows at the same pressure and temperature. 

Whether you’re going the DIY route or installing a new shower yourself, pressure problems can end up ruining the magic of multiple shower heads. Repairs can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. 

Luckily, using a plumbing loop helps ensure you don’t have to worry about anything. You can just enjoy your luxurious new shower.

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