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Moving AC Unit From Roof To Ground – Guide For Beginners

So, you love almost everything about your house, but there is often an issue people run into.

Moving AC Unit From Roof To Ground

A lot of people have their AC installed so the unit is stuck on the top of your roof. While this may be practical, it often does not look the best. 

This depends on what the shape of your house is and what the roof is like. But if these units are visible, then they often look awful. This will detract from the aesthetic of the exterior of your home.

A lot of people want to know if it is possible to move the unit off the roof to somewhere easier to hide. One of the most common choices is the ground.

Yes, it is possible, but with how expensive it can be, a lot of people recommend coming up with a workaround. There are common methods of making it look better, like building a decorative wall so it is harder to see.

Of course, most people do not decorate their roofs often. But, if you get creative enough, there are some more affordable ways to make your AC unit harder to see.

But as we have said, it is possible to move your AC unit, but, this is not a cheap process.

Why You Might Want To Move Your AC Unit

Of course there are the aesthetics and the look of the unit on your roof. But, there are quite a few other reasons that you might need or want to move your AC unit.

There can be legal reasons like changes in local regulation. But, if this is the case you should be able to get the cost subsidized, depending on where you live.

The placement of the unit will also affect its performance. Because of this being able to access it easier can ensure that you are getting better work from the AC.

People often move their AC units for safety reasons. An example of this is needing to access it more often so you can fix it if you need to.

You also might want to move the unit somewhere where it is harder for children or animals to access it as well.

Also, if you are planning a structural change to your building, then moving the AC might be a necessity.

Do You Need Professional Help?

You might think that you are an expert with DIY and do not need to hire a professional. In spite of this, the effort that is necessary for moving an AC unit is often not worth the results.

There are plenty of different reasons why getting help from professionals is recommended. This project ends up being a time sink if you try to do it yourself. 

Of course, it is nice is you have a lot of time to work on a DIY project.

But, most people unfortunately do not have time to dedicate to learning how to re-install and AC system throughout their home. Even if you learn there is a chance you could do it wrong as well.

The primary concern is safety. This is because you are working around hazardous substances and electricity.

There is a chance you might even need a refrigerant license if you want to work and handle your AC unit legally.

Also, the cost can often be cheaper in the long run if you get help from a professional. There are so many long term and short term issues that you can create by trying to do it yourself. Because of this, we advise against trying it yourself.

You can very easily damage your walls or the unit itself, and this is where the cost can rack up if you need to fix it.

Then you could also void the warranty of your unit. This could happen if you stretch or bend your refrigerant line.

Then it can start to leak and this is a whole other thing you need to fix. Getting it done efficiently and legally, usually requires professional help.

The legal reasons are worth highlighting as their own point. This is because there are very often restrictions on how far your line can be set and can be run.

There are also restrictions on where we can place our units. These restrictions are easy to abide by if you are a professional, but if you are not, then it is another time sink for a DIY-er to have to learn. 

There are also the aforementioned licenses, and if you get help from a professional they have their own insurance and you will likely not be liable for any mistakes.

What Needs To Be Done To Move Your AC Unit?

The moving of your AC unit is a specialized process, and it is not as simple as moving other appliances in your home.

This is because of how many moving parts there are as well as legal considerations. Because of this, unless you are not working with budget restrictions, we recommend that you strongly assess the reasons why you want to move your AC unit, and the end goal that you have in mind.

The process requires many awkward steps that are simple for a professional who is licensed compared to a DIY-er who could find the process incredibly dangerous!

This includes pumping the refrigerant to the right place, redoing pipework, and levelling the unit, all of which are difficult processes and do not even cover the entirety of the project at all.


Hopefully this guide has put into perspective why we so strongly recommend getting help from a professional with this project.

If you do not think that the reasons for moving your AC unit are worth the cost, then we do not recommend doing it. 

Look up what other people with similar houses have done to cover up their AC units.

However, keep in mind that with your cover up this should be done in a way that will not compromise the legal status of your AC unit, and that it will not ruin the performance of the unit either.

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