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How To Paint Baseboards With Carpet Without Ruining It

Trying to paint baseboards with carpet can be a pain, so if you’re struggling to do so without causing any damage to your carpet, then this guide is here to help. 

How To Paint Baseboards With Carpet

It might seem like something of an impossible task, but with the steps provided here, you’ll have your baseboards painted in no time at all. We also have provided tips and tricks to keep you on the right path!

Painting baseboards is tedious, but with the right equipment, it is easily done. A dropcloth, angled paint brush, and painter’s tape are the most important pieces of equipment. or the actual painting, you simply need to paint in small increments to ensure a perfect result. 

What You’ll Need 

Before we can begin to show you exactly how to paint your baseboards, it’s important to check that you have all of the equipment you need ready to go. 

This will help to ensure that you’re able to paint your baseboards with ease, and more importantly, that you don’t spill any paint on your clean carpet

The first thing you’ll need is some form of drop cloth or plastic sheeting. This will be laid down to help protect your carpet. If you’re stuck on what to use, then bin liners can be used instead. 

Next, you’ll need painter’s tape, which will be used to help keep your drop cloth or plastic sheets in place as you paint. 

You’ll also need a putty knife. We’ll use it to help tuck the painter’s tape and the drop cloth underneath the carpet trim to ensure an even coating of paint on your baseboards.  

Choosing the right paintbrush for painting your baseboards can be difficult. It depends on the size of your baseboards. We recommend going with a 2 or 2 ½ inch angled paint brush as we find it provides the best results, and is usually easier to use. 

You’ll also need some sandpaper, a damp cloth, and of course, your paint of choice! 

Both oil-based and water-based paints are good choices for baseboards, so it’s down to which one you prefer.

Preparing Your Baseboards

Step 1

Before you begin painting your baseboards, you’ll need to ensure that you set up your drop cloth or plastic sheeting. 

Lay down your drop cloth or plastic sheeting, ensuring that the cloth or sheeting is as close to the point where the carpet meets the wall as possible. 

This helps to ensure that none of the paint ruins your carpet, which tends to happen much easier than you might think. 

Step 2

With your drop cloth now in place, you can then use your painter’s tape to mask off the bottom of the wall you are painting. Begin by laying the tape across the bottom of your wall, covering the drywall directly above the baseboard. 

It’s best to do this around 2 feet at a time, gently pressing it against the wall to make sure that it is completely flush. 

Painter’s tape isn’t always great at preventing paint from bleeding through, so use it as a guide more than a security measure. 

Step 3

Before you paint, you’ll want to use a damp cloth to clean off any dust or dirt that might be on the baseboards. Allow them to air dry. 

Then, use your sandpaper to strip the wood off the baseboards, gently rubbing it with back-and-forth strokes to help remove the top layer of paint. 

Wipe your baseboards clean of any wood dust with a dry cloth, and you’ll nearly be ready to paint. Keep in mind that if your baseboards are new, then you won’t need to do this. 

Masking Off Your Carpet

How To Paint Baseboards With Carpet (1)

The final step before you can paint your baseboards is to mark off your carpet, which will help to protect it from any paint. 

Step 1

Lay your painter’s tape over the plastic sheeting or drop cloth and apply tape 2 feet at a time right along the width of the cloth or sheet, right where it meets along the edge of the baseboard. 

Step 2 

Take your putty knife, and at a 15 degree angle, place it in between your carpet and your baseboard. Pressing it gently into the wall will help to pull the tape underneath your baseboard. 

Do this right the way along, and you’re now ready to paint.

How To Paint Your Baseboards

Step 1 

Use a flathead screwdriver to open up your paint can (carefully of course), and then mix the paint until the color seems uniform and even. 

Pour a small amount of paint into your paint tray, and use your brush to prevent any drips. 

Step 2

Dip the tip of your paintbrush into the tray, dab off any excess paint on the dry section, and then begin painting. 

It’s best to start with the middle of the baseboard, and then work your way to the top. Cover each section of the baseboard 2 to 3 times using back-and-forth strokes. 

With most of the painting done, you can then do the remaining section. Tip your brush to a 45-degree angle, with the longest part facing toward the carpet, and then slowly press the brush into the baseboard.

Work your way around the room you’re painting at 1 foot increments until you’re done. Allow the paint to dry for between 2 to 3 hours before removing your dropcloth and other covers. 

Final Thoughts

Painting baseboards is a tedious process, we just hope that this guide is able to help you complete your painting with no carpet damage. Good luck! 

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