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Does Room And Board Have Sales Online And Instore?

When decorating your home, you have more than likely come across the name Room and Board.

It is often named along with the likes of Pottery Barn or RH which made it a reputable name within the home furnishings industry.

Does Room And Board Have Sales

However, it has become increasingly known for its lack of sales. Since its beginning in 1980, the brand has taken pride in being ominous when it comes to sale cycles. In fact, they refuse to follow one at all!

In this article, we talk about whether Room and Board actually have sales and when they occur. We also have some tips to get you the best deals on their products!

While it may seem like Room and Board never have sales. They do have an annual end-of-year sale which takes place on December 26th.

Featuring discontinued items and floor samples for 20 to 50 percent off. This takes place both in-store and online.

History Of Room And Board

Before we jump right into whether Room and Board have sales. It is important to understand the mission behind the company as a whole. And we can do that by knowing some of their histories.

So, as mentioned above, Room and Board began in 1980 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over the years they have designed some of the most popular home furnishings.

This includes the York Sofa which was groundbreaking because it has a flat arm instead of a rolled arm.

The company has grown to be a solid national chain with over 20 stores across America. They now have plans to expand into outdoor furniture and home office furnishings.

Now, they are one of the leading companies in the home furnishing industry. They focus on sustainability and providing high-quality products to their customers.

Does Room And Board Have Sales?

Since its launch in 1980, Room and Board have become known for its lack of sales throughout the year.

And, with other competitors having many sales a year, it is odd that Room and Board steer away from the traditional sales methods.

While they don’t partake in the spring sales or Black Friday Sales, they do have one sale every year. An end-of-year sale. It begins on December 26th and takes place in-store and online.

It is extremely popular among customers with many opting to wait outside of the store in order to select their favorite items.

This sale will feature savings of 20 to 50% on on-floor models and discontinued styles.

This sale is not a custom sale where you pick what you want. It is an opportunity for the company to get rid of anything they don’t want.

And you get it for a discounted price!

What distinguishes this deal from others held by furniture stores?

One of the few home store retailers, Room & Board, don’t have sale periods where prices fluctuate from zero to fifty percent from week to week.

Room and Board are very selective of the products that they feature in the sale and they only happen for a short period of time each year.

Making them a highly anticipated event for customers in need of new, high-quality furniture.

Tips For Shopping The Room And Board Annual Sale

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With Room and Board only having an annual sale, it is crucial to have a plan and even some skills to get the best products for the best price.

Below are some tips to help you navigate the Room and Board end-of-year sale!

1. Start Early

At exactly 12:01 am, all clearance items will be priced and displayed on the Room and Board website. This does not include floor models but will give you a first look at what items are available in the sale.

Look for items marked “Discontinued 1/5” online, such as the Calvin Three Drawer Dresser, to sample the discontinued merchandise.

When in-store look all discontinued items have a yellow tag.

2. Returns

When it comes to returning any items from the sale, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, returns can take place with discontinued items at the store or online so long as they are still in a re-saleable condition.

This means you must return it in the condition you bought it.

On the other hand, returns cannot take place with floor samples to the store or online.

These are final sale products. Make sure you really like the item and that it is exactly what you are looking for before making the purchase.

3. Stake Your Claim

Never experienced a Room and Board sale? Prepare to assert your dominance.

Once you have determined that an item is exactly what you want, lay claim to it by sitting on it or by putting your palm on it while standing next to it.

You need to make sure that there is no “sold” tag on the product before staking your claim. Once you have done so, wait for a salesperson to come to you and complete the sale.

4. Floor Samples

The star of Room and Board sales is the floor samples. However, unlike the discontinued items, these are not marked until the store closes the day before the sale.

When you walk into the store, everyone has fresh eyes on the floor of sample items in the sale which can be the hardest to claim.

Are Room And Board Products Worth It?

Room and Board products consist of great quality materials, and have a store ethos for sustainability.

They take great pride in their participation in the Urban Wood Project which reused materials from vacant homes.

When a company explores sustainability on such a large scale, it does often result in a higher price.

But with outstanding customer service and long-lasting products, it is safe to say that Room and Board products are worth both the full price and the sales price.

Final Thoughts

Room and Board is an extremely thoughtful company. Meaning everything they do has a delicate thought process behind it and nothing is at random or for the sake of growing the sales.

The company is diligent in ensuring its products are of high quality and use sustainable materials.

Room and Board have an annual end-of-year sale both in-store and online.

This feature discontinued products and floor samples which, if not sold, will need removal from the premises. So, get in line and stake claim your favorite products!

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