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Black Stuff Coming Out of Bathtub Faucet: Fix it Now!

Imagine yourself relaxing in a bubble bath. Soft music, candlelight, essential oils…then, suddenly you see black specks in the water. Yikes! That’s a sure way to ruin the ambiance.

We’ll discuss why this problem happens and what you can do about it. This article will give you the information you need to enjoy your bubble baths once again!

Black stuff coming out of bathtub faucet is caused by poor water quality. Many reasons cause this to happen. Your home either receives water from the well or the municipal system. It is supposed to be clear and filtered, but when something malfunctions it becomes black. If you find there’s black gunk in your bathroom sink, check out our post for more information.

What Causes Black Water to Come out of the Faucet?

There are several reasons why the water is coming out dark. Here are the most common explanations:

Excessive Minerals in the Water Supply

Why is my bathtub faucet dispensing black water? The most common reason is the accumulation of mineral deposits. It is normal for your home’s water supply to accumulate some minerals.

Black Stuff Coming Out of Bathtub Faucet

Common minerals found in your water supply include iron, manganese, and magnesium. This happens regularly and is considered safe. However, excess mineral accumulation does become a problem.

In time, the mineral deposits start to affect your plumbing system. In addition, this “hard water” kills your plants and is harsh on your skin.

So, why is the water black?

The black color in the water comes from the oxidation of minerals ( When the water comes out of the tap, it comes out with oxidized minerals as they make contact with oxygen. This gives water a dark and dirty appearance.

When this happens, we can’t help but feel that the water supply is dirty. After all, clean water is supposed to appear clear. Plus, the over-mineralized water also tastes terrible. Imagine brushing your teeth with it!

You’ll be relieved, however, to know that the mineralized water is not toxic. It is certainly unpleasant to use, but at least it won’t be harmful to your health.

Water Softener is Malfunctioning

When you purchase a water softener for your home, you expect to have clear and clean water. The device is designed to remove magnesium buildup. But, what happens when your water softener is on, but you still are getting black, orange, or dark water?

If this happens, it is an indication that your water softener is not working. An experienced technician can help you fix this problem. The machine will need to be properly diagnosed and repaired.

In addition, you have to keep a regular maintenance schedule so that your water softener remains working well. The machine has resin beads that require regular cleaning. If these are not maintained well, the water will not be pure. The result is a dark stream when you open the faucet.

Water Softener is Malfunctioning

It pays to ensure regular maintenance is practiced to enjoy fresh clean water. It also extends the life of the machine.

Invasion of Mildew

If you notice that your water comes out with black flakes, it may be an indication of mildew growth. This is a different manifestation than the black and orange color that occurs from mineral deposits. Rust can also cause this type of discoloration.

Mildew growth manifested as black flakes in the water needs immediate professional attention. This compound is a form of fungus! It is related to mold and can be dangerous to your health.

Mold health risks ( have long-term effects when there is over-exposure.

This fungus grows exponentially fast! You must act quickly to resolve this issue before it spreads to your whole property.

Excessive Clay or Sand Particles

Another reason why your water may be dark is due to clay or sand particles. They make their way into your plumbing system and pollute the water. This is very common in homes that receive their water supply from a private well.

Before removing the black sediment, you have to consider the type of well you have (if there’s sediment in your toilet bowl, read here). A gravel well requires you to install a filtering screen. This will not allow any clay or sand particles to get into your water supply.

For sandstone wells, you have to install a type of liner in the wall that prevents particles from entering. What happens if you already have a screen installed? In this case, the screen may be old or dirty.

You will have to install a new screen. It is a simple task that will help you enjoy your home once again. It is very uncomfortable to deal with a dark water supply. For most, it would certainly be an urgent issue!

Old or Rusty Pipes

Depending on the age of your home’s construction, you may have to upgrade your pipes. If they are too old or become rusty, they will pollute the water supply. The water usually comes out brown. Sometimes, the water will be brown with a tinge of orange or red.

When there’s a high level of rust buildup, the water will start to appear black. In addition, you may notice a particular scent. Rust smells like iron or metal. Certain pipes are more prone to develop rust than others.

Pipes made from these types of metals are more likely to develop rust:

  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Galvanized
  • Zinc

As you can see, when dark water comes out, you have to become a detective. Sometimes it’s not simple to determine what is causing the dark water.

How do I know rust is the reason?

When the dark water is due to rust, you will notice particles that are hard and flaky. The water will also be discolored.

Old or Rusty Pipes

This is a problem that has to be fixed as soon as possible! Once you start to see black flaky particles in the water, you must contact a professional. Your plumbing system will need to be replaced or repaired promptly.

Damaged or Faulty Filter System

Some modern water filtration systems use cartridges with activated carbon. This filtration method makes the water have the best flavor and odor. As time goes on, the filtration system becomes ineffective.

This is when the water starts to become dark. You may also see black particles in the water when you open the faucet. The solution is simple! It requires you to install a new filter cartridge. A simple and quick way to make your water clean and clear again!

Worn Out and Disintegrated Rubber

Various components of your plumbing system have rubber. When it disintegrates, you will not notice hardened black flakes come out. What you will see is a slimy or gooey residue. It is a completely unpleasant experience! Especially if you are in the shower or brushing your teeth.

The rubber becomes corroded from the chlorine utilized to disinfect the water. To resolve this issue, you have to hire a plumber to change the damaged rubber parts.

Fix the Problem Now!

No matter what is causing your water to come out black or dark, you must find an immediate solution. A professional can help you diagnose the problem. If unattended, it will only get worse in time.

Fortunately, most solutions are fairly simple. The key is timing, so be sure to take care of it immediately. Besides, you’ll soon be able to get back to enjoying a warm bubble bath!

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