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6/3 Or 6/4 Wire For Hot Tub – Choosing Which Is Best For You

Most of you would agree that there are few things quite as refreshing as a dip into a hot tub. The warm water, the bubbles and the calming feeling it gives you are something that is difficult to replicate with anything else.

6/3 Or 6/4 Wire For Hot Tub

We had trouble figuring out the wiring instructions for our hot tub, though. Sometimes they can be unclear so you might not be sure if you need a 6/3 or a 6/4 wire. Luckily, we’ve got the answer for you.

Hot tubs require a 6/3 wire and you’re going to need to turn off the main breaker before you get started on the wiring. Of course though, there’s a lot more to it than that.

That’s why we’ve got everything you need with this handy guide that looks at which wires you need, what to do and why – along with other helpful tips.

Before you begin, you’re going to need a 6/3 wire to wire your hot tub and you’re going to need to follow strict instructions to adhere to electrical standards.

It’s also important to remember to wear safety gloves when you’re going to wire your hot tub.

Additionally, it’s vital that you install a tub panel between the main breaker and the hot tub, as this acts as a manual disconnect device. 

1. Switch Off The Main Breaker 

As with other forms of electrical wiring, it’s important that you switch off the main breaker to prevent any injury or damage. It’s also wise to inspect your electrical wiring prior to any other steps. 

If you’re not adept with electrical wiring, I would urge you to contact an electrician to check it over first. This step is important because if a problem is present, you could potentially hurt yourself or at the very least, damage the hot tub’s wiring.

2. Prepare The Hot Tub Control Panel

6/3 Or 6/4 Wire For Hot Tub

The 6/3 wire you will use should have thermoplastic insulation for the best results, and you will want to avoid using any aluminum wires. If you’re wondering about what size your wire should be, most hot tubs use 6 AWG

Start by turning your attention to the LB fitting and use fish tape to pull the wires from the LB fitting to the hot tub’s control panel. You will want to leave about 6 inches of wire to hang down from the tub’s panel.

Then, push the wires through the LB fitting and into the house to the panel which will give you the desired 6 inches of wire to hang.

It’s important when you’re doing this step that you follow the instructions provided in your hot tub owner’s manual closely, along with the instructions that came with the panel. 

Now, pull the wire through the conduit for the tub’s panel to the control panel by using fish tape, once again allowing 6 inches of wire to hang. It will then be time to connect the wires. 

You will want to connect the red, white and black wires to the GFCI breaker’s bottom and then attach the green grounding wire to the ground bar.

Once the wires are connected from the breaker panel, you should turn your attention to the black and red wires.

These wires should connect to the breaker feed lugs on the top of the breaker. Then, connect the white wire to the neutral bar and the ground bar with the green grounding wire.

3. Wire The Hot Tub Panel To The Breaker Panel

Before you move on, you need to double check that the main breaker is definitely switched off and you have no available electricity. This is critical because even if the main breaker is switched off, the lines could still be active.

This is one of the reasons you will be wearing your safety gloves and take caution when you’re wiring. However, when you’re convinced that everything is good to go, you can start the wiring.

Connect the red and black wires to a 240V double-pole GFCI circuit breaker. In most cases, the circuit breaker will be clearly labeled, so you shouldn’t encounter too many problems here. 

4. Allow The Hot Tub To Be Inspected 

4. Allow The Hot Tub To Be Inspected 

It will be pretty difficult to tell if the hot tub is working properly (or not) if the hot tub is empty. So, to find out if you’ve done everything correctly and everything is working as it should be, you need to fill up the hot tub and get it fired up.

You will be able to better inspect if you’ve done everything correctly or if there is something wrong. However, I must stress that if you have little to no experience in this field, you should get a qualified electrician to check out the wiring first. 

If the electrician says it’s good to go, it’s smart to perform a test when they are still present. The could still be a fault elsewhere which the electrician could be able to assist with. 

Once everything is working as it should, the only thing left to do is get into hot tub appropriate clothing, take a dip and relax – you’ve earned it! 

5. Troubleshooting (If There’s A Problem!) 

If you still find issues are present but everything has been done properly, there could be a fault with the hot tub or one of the associated parts. In this situation, you should contact the manufacturer for further advice.

Final Thoughts 

Yes, you will need a 6/3 wire for your hot tub, but you also need to ensure you are performing the job safely – so it’s best advised that you contact a professional whenever possible.

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