Roomba 650 vs 652: Which Robot Vacuum to Choose in 2020?

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the winner is, then we recommend the Roomba 650.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 652 Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 652 Robot Vacuum
Price not available
iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 652 Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 652 Robot Vacuum
Price not available

Robot vacuums are the wave of the future, and I have to say I’m definitely an enthusiast. With brands like iRobot, you get a reasonably rich selection of models, but sometimes, it can be confusing. For example, what about the Roomba 650 vs 652? Both of these have similar numbers, so many might wonder what the differences are. In this guide, I’m going to hit on each and show you why these are great robots for your home.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Roomba

With the exception of a few of the higher-end models, it’s important to note that the Roomba robot vacuums won’t remember your room layout. Instead, most of these utilize a random movement algorithm that will learn where the robot has been before so that the same area isn’t done twice. This is pretty useful and thorough, but with this method, the room may take a little while longer to clean. Also, since it moves at angles, the device may bump into a few items – don’t sweat it, these devices are sturdy, and they don’t hit hard.

Additionally, with models like the 650 and the 652, it’s important to note that you’re not going to get a lot of bells and whistles. This is because these come in at a very affordable price point, so don’t expect smart features or Wi-Fi-compatibility. Still, as iRobot products, these are very reliable, and they are known for getting the job done.

Additionally, it’s also a good idea to know your home layout. Do you have a lot of varying surfaces? Do you have a shag carpet? Is there a lot of pet hair/dander? If the answer to any of these is “yes,” then you may want to be sure that the robot you select is ready for the unique environment of your home. Roomba, as the industry leader, puts out several models that are very versatile and adaptive. Fortunately, the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 652 are among these.

Finally, while these devices are known for their autonomy, don’t forget that they will need some input from you. For example, you’ll still need to clean the filter, empty the dustbin, and charge the device if it doesn’t have a self-charge feature. These activities are easy, but we haven’t quite reached the stage where these do all of the work for you yet. Even when a product does have the ability to return to the dock, it’s not unheard of for a robot to get a bit lost on the way. If this happens, you’ll definitely have to get involved helping the little robot get back home.

Presenting the Product: The Roomba 650

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

When iRobot released the Roomba 650, it was with the understanding that the product would be a good middle-ground option for most homes. It doesn’t cost a whole lot, but it’s known for its ability to really achieve a deep clean. It also has the circular design that Roomba is known for, and it has a futuristic aesthetic, that tech-heads, like myself, love. It’s definitely a robot that likes to bounce around a lot, so expect to hear it while it’s doing its work. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:


  • It has a pop-out handle that makes it easy to carry the little robot up and down stairs.
  • It does an excellent job on most floor surfaces and transitions quickly.
  • When it comes to the price, this is a budget-minded Roomba.


  • If the carpet is thick, it’ll probably struggle and run a bit slower.
  • It could do a better job at picking up pet hair on carpets.
  • Believe it or not, it tends to run a little too fast over some surfaces.

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Presenting the Product: The Roomba 652

iRobot Roomba 652 Robot Vacuum

As you must have noticed, the Roomba 652 is relatively close in number to the other iRobot product. However, there are differences, which I’ll hit on in the features and benefits section. Still, much of the design of the 652 is centered around providing the owner with a device that’ll get the job done without breaking the bank. I love the fact that you can schedule cleanings for up to seven times a week with this little bot. Anyway, here are its pros and cons:


  • This is a versatile cleaner; it doesn’t struggle when cleaning multiple flooring types.
  • It has self-charging, so when the cleaning job finishes, it’ll return to its cradle.
  • You just need to hit the large “clean” button to start it on its way.
  • It has the same handle as the 650.
  • It’s low enough to get under couches and beds and clean there.


  • This unit doesn’t come with virtual walls.
  • The glossy black top can pick up fingerprints pretty quickly when you carry it.
  • If the environment where you’re cleaning is dark, then the device may think it’s on a cliff/stairs.

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Features and Benefits: The Roomba 650

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

This Roomba, in my estimation, is a nice and sleek robot vacuum that is adaptable enough to ensure you get a good clean. For example, it isn’t too high to get under surfaces, and it also does pretty good in tight environments where a bit of maneuverability is needed. Here are some of its most important features:

The Virtual Wall Barrier

This is a feature that isn’t available for the 652, and it can be pretty useful for those that have areas that would be preferable not to clean. With the virtual wall barrier, you simply set the device in the area that you don’t want the Roomba to clean. The wall is entirely virtual, so you’ll just have to estimate its boundaries. You’ll also need two C-cell batteries to run the product since it doesn’t plug in.

Still, this can be very useful. For example, as a person that is always computing, I have entire areas of my house that have several devices. As a result, there’s also a ton of wires to navigate. Since these wires can really get in the way of a Roomba, it’s nice to be able to put the barrier where you want it so that you don’t have to worry about the little bot getting stuck. When using it, don’t sweat placing it on the edge of stairs; the onboard sensors already know how to avoid these without the barrier.

A Convenient Handle

While it knows how to stop at stair edges, what can you do when you want to clean on two levels? Well, to do this, you’ll have to pick the device up and set it in its new cleaning location. Usually, this is fairly easy with any robot, but Roomba makes it easier with this product. To pick it up, you can simply grab the semi-hidden handle that rests on the top of the unit. The handle is easy to grasp and looks like a design component when it’s not in use.

iRobot’s Famous Three-Stage Cleaning System

I love it when a cleaner tackles a problem with a “smarter not harder” philosophy, and iRobot’s three-stage system fits the bill. The system uses two sets of brushes and a middle-positioned vacuum to ensure that more debris will make it into the dustbin. The first brush breaks up larger chunks of the stuff and sends it to the middle-mounted brush. The second set of brushes further breaks up the mess and propels the dirt to the middle of the machine. At this point, the debris is very fine, and it’s rocketed to the center section of the 650 so that it can finally be sucked up using the device’s powerful suction capabilities.

iAdapt Navigation

For most models of Roomba, the iAdapt system is what’s used to get around. There are several systems that many manufacturers use, but Roomba’s employs four bottom-mounted sensors that send out infrared bursts around the device. This makes it easier for the robot to detect nearby walls and plan for their presence while it’s cleaning. While it definitely will bounce off of walls from time to time, this does make the 650 a little more agile and definitely reduces the chance of impact.

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Features and Benefits: The Roomba 652

iRobot Roomba 652 Robot Vacuum

When it comes to appearances, the 652 definitely favors the 650, but there are some material differences. For example, where the 650 is matte, the 652 has a glossy finish, which I admit can make it a bit slippery. It’s also worth repeating that the 652 doesn’t have a wall barrier, so it’s not the best unit for those with areas they would like to omit from the cleaning schedule.

A More Sizeable Battery

Just like any other powered device, charging the product extensively can definitely shorten its lifespan. This product has a 2,600mAh battery, which is larger than the 650’s 2,200mAh model. While you won’t get a whole lot of extra life when compared to the 650, you might find that the lifespan is longer. Both of these are lithium-ion battery packs, which is also a major plus since these last longer than nickel-based battery systems.


In the past, I’ve had robot vacuums die on me mid-clean, and I didn’t notice for days! With the self-charging feature of this Roomba, you can rest assured that, when the work is done, the 652 will return to its charging station. This is also useful for large homes; with a lot of space to cover, knowing that your device will charge itself when it starts to get low is very useful. This means that a job can become a multi-part endeavor.


Who, these days, has just one-floor type? I know I don’t, and I’m willing to bet that at least one of your floor surfaces differs from the other surfaces in your home. While you can adjust your robot vacuum’s cleaning head manually on some models, I find it very useful that the 652 has an auto-adjust feature. This will allow the device to use its sensors to detect the floor type and automatically adjust the cleaning head height. This means that carpets will have a higher level, and traditional flooring will be somewhat lower.

Schedule Your Cleanings

I lead a busy life when I’m at home and when I’m away, so the last thing I want is to be tripping over my robot vacuum when I’m moving around the house. This is the reason why smart-enabled vacuums are so useful, but the 652 also has a feature that can make cleaning more convenient for you. This is its ability to allow you to schedule up to seven cleaning events throughout the week. With this feature, you can go to work and know that your Roomba is working to make your home much cleaner while you’re away.

Dirt Detect

Ever notice how the foyer area is just a magnet for leaf litter, soil, and debris? It’s precisely this reason that this area is always the area that needs the most attention, and this Roomba series knows this. It features a Dirt Detect feature that can recognize the areas of your home that have a higher concentration of dirt. Once it realizes this, the Roomba will automatically go over the area numerous times until it notices an improvement. It’s amazing how much this can help high-traffic areas in your home, and you can certainly see progress over multiple cleaning cycles.

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Customers Love These 2 Roombas!

Don’t just take my word for the quality of these products – I opted to scour the internet for what others think as well. For both the model Roomba 650 and its competitor in our guide, the Roomba 652, the fans are very dedicated. For both products, the overall positive consensus is that this is a good, middle ground robot vacuum that entry-level owners can use for cleaning. Many owners feel that both do a good enough job cleaning up dog hair as well as the dust and debris that works its way into carpets. With that said, some have mentioned that these aren’t the most intelligent robots when it comes to returning to the dock. I found some owners going into great detail when it comes to tougher cleaning jobs, so it seems that the features like the Dirt Detect and three-stage system are very appreciated.

Roomba 650 vs 652: Final Thoughts

When it comes to features in the Roomba 650 vs 652 debate, these two products definitely are similar enough to make the match very close. In my estimation, they definitely both shine and are good options for anyone that’s on a budget but wants automated cleaning. Still, you came here for a head-to-head, and there should be a winner. For me, the Roomba 650 edges out the 652 because it comes with a virtual barrier. Features like the larger battery on the 652 are nice, but most people won’t notice the difference, which is why the extra add-in definitely turns the tide in this little competition.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
  • iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home
  • 3 Stage Cleaning System agitates, brushes and suctions floors
  • Conveniently schedule up to 7x per week, or just press CLEAN on the robot
  • Automatically docks and recharges; At just 3.6 inch tall, Roomba has been specifically designed to fit under most furniture and kickboards so dirt has no place to hide
  • Automatically adjusts to all floor types of carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate and more

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